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Mold Remediation in Dallas

Mold Remediation, Removal, and Prevention

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Emergency Mold Remediation

Any home or business can quickly be overcome with mold or mildew with the introduction of water leaks, flooding, or spills. For example, a leaking pipe or a plumbing problem can quickly lead to mold or mildew on the piping itself, on nearby carpeting, wood, or any other component of your home. Mold can spread all throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, so mold must be taken care of immediately. We offer emergency mold remediation services, to help Dallas homeowners avoid allergies, irritation, and unsafe living conditions and health problems.

Free Estimates

If you feel or believe that your home, business or other property has a mold growth problem, please contact Dallas Air Duct Cleaning to ensure that you have professionals examine and inspect your issue. In the event that mold or any other bacteria is discovered, we have the experience, equipment, and experts to deal with the it and ensure your property remains clean and safe going forward. We offer free consultations and free estimates for all mold remediation projects, cleaning and replacement work.

In the Dallas area and basically all of Texas, mold is a natural part of the environment and plays a part almost in every property in Texas. It gets dangerous once you ignore it and do not treat it correctly and on time. Mold can spread quickly, you might miss it for a while but once you notice it, it is very important to treat it right away and hire mold remediation and mold removal professionals.

Mold is bacteria that is very unhealthy for humans, and animals as well, the tiny spores that reproduce by the mold growth float all around the air and it is bad to breath it. Mold growth happens mostly on a wet surface. Indoor mold growth should not be ignored because it produces allergens, irritants and in some cases even toxic substances.

Mold growth indoors can reach higher concentrations and have the potential to cause health problems.

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