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Pet Fur In Air Ducts

May 22, 2020
Pet Fur In Air Ducts

Pet Dander in Air Ducts 

If you are a pet owner, you know how much our furry friends shed. Pet hair attracts urine, saliva, dust, dirt and other allergens. If pet fur gets stuck in the air ducts you may start to experience allergic reactions. This can include:





Headaches, and more. 

Every time you go to use your HVAC system, these contaminants are spread throughout your home. If you are experiencing any symptoms, fur can be trapped deep within the air ducts that you may not be able to see. It is important to hire a trusted air duct cleaning company to thoroughly clean out your air ducts. Our Dallas air duct cleaning team offers affordable cleaning and dependable work you can trust.

How We Clean Out The Ducts

One of our licensed professionals will first examine all the ducts to see what kind of condition they are in. We will also check for any cracks or leaks that may be affecting your HVAC system and causing it to work harder than it needs to.

We use special brushes to clean out dust and any other debris from your air ducts. We then use our powerful vacuums to suck all dirt, debris, and other contaminants out from the ducts. We will make sure your HVAC unit is completely clean and then we will seal everything up and put back the vent covers back on.

Give us a call today so we can schedule your appointment for your air duct cleaning services. We offer competitive prices so you know you are getting the best deal around. Don't wait, call today!

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