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HVAC Plenum Cleaning, Air Ducts, Vents, and HVAC in Dallas

February 01, 2021
HVAC Plenum Cleaning, Air Ducts, Vents, and HVAC in Dallas

Why do HVAC systems have a plenum? What is the plenum box? Do I need to clean my plenum? Your HVAC system plenum box is important for a variety of reasons. The main reasons you have a plenum box is to equalize the air pressure. This means you can have a stable and even airflow with how the air is distributed throughout your HVAC system. Airflow issues can often occur because the air is being pushed through a duct that is inefficiently installed. A flexible duct can get stuck with a kink, or close if something falls on the duct. These type of issues cause major air distribution problems.

A plenum allows for proper air flow with air being pushed into the room through the ducts, and a return air vent sucking "old" air out. Sometimes this air is cycled a couple times to cool it down, or it may be exhausted out. It depends on your HVAC system. Residential and commercial plenums and general ventilation designs can vary. You may not have an elaborate setup in your home, but that's okay! However, if you are noticing issues with air not circulation, uneven airflow, or other problems then you may need to call a local air duct cleaning company.

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning can help with your plenum cleaning, replacement, or repairs. No matter what you need, we're equipped to help! We recommend cleaning your air ducts in Dallas, TX at least once per year or two at most. You definitely do not want to allow dust and other substances to build up in the ducts and vents over time. You can trust us to make sure you receive the best Dallas air duct cleaning and HVAC services.

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