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Do I need to seal air ducts? Lower AC costs with air duct sealant

June 14, 2021
Do I need to seal air ducts? Lower AC costs with air duct sealant

Air duct sealant fixes leaks that cause inefficient cooling and heating. You may lower your HVAC costs if you seal your air duct leaks. When the air is traveling throughout your house it can cost a lot more if there are any holes, gaps, or other issues. Even a small tear in a flexible duct can cause major inefficiencies. You wouldn't keep trying to fill up a balloon with a hole in it because the air escapes. This is much like your home HVAC system too. If there are any leaks then you may be paying a lot more for heating and cooling because the air is not efficiently distributed throughout your house. 

It can be tricky to detect an air duct leak without performing proper pressure testing or using a camera on an extension rod. Other signs of an air duct leak can include whistling noises, condensation build up, or a sudden spike (that does not correlate to your usage) in the costs of cooling or heating. If you notice any signs like this, you should call a professional HVAC company like ours to fully inspect the ductwork.

It is important to use the proper sealant for air ducts. Different materials, types of ducts, and the sizes of the leaks can require different solutions. Our professional technicians can seal up any air ducts using a variety of methods. No matter what, you can be sure that any sealant we use will help your system be more efficient. Dallas Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to your satisfaction, so give us a call if you need HVAC services. We provide professional air duct cleaning, replacements, repair, and of course air duct sealing services.

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