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Chimney Sweeping in Dallas, TX

June 16, 2020
Chimney Sweeping in Dallas, TX

For reliable and affordable chimney cleaning in Dallas, Dallas Air Duct Cleaning is the company for you! We help homeowners and commercial property owners and managers with all chimney sweeping, fireplace cleaning, and related services. We are capable of handling your chimney sweep and taking care of any repairs you may need. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly professionals! We will be able to answer any questions and schedule you for a free inspection and estimate.

It is extremely important that your chimney is fully cleaned before using it. In order to avoid fire hazards, ventilation problems that can lead to smoke entering your home, and any or dangerous issues, a proper cleaning is recommended. If you have a gas fireplace, you may still have traditional chimneys attached for proper ventilation. If you have wood burning fireplaces, soot, ash, and or debris still need to be cleaned off of  smoke chambers. We highly suggest that you have your chimney cleaned at least once a year to ensure it stays in good condition. 

We are your locally trusted chimney cleaning company here in Dallas with years of experience. If you own a commercial property with a wood burning oven/stove or chimney and it is time for a cleaning n give us a call. We will make sure to remove any food, gunk, soot, and or substances that have gotten stuck inside your chimney. 

We are here to make sure your residential home or commercial business has clean chimneys that are safe to use. We will sweep the entire chimney out from top to bottom, as well as take care of the fireplace. We offer free estimates for any repairs, upgrades, new installations, remodeling, replacements, and all or services related to chimneys and fireplaces. Give Dallas Air Duct Cleaning a call today and one of our professionals will be able to quickly schedule you in for your free inspection and estimate.

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