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Air Duct Varieties

June 02, 2021
Air Duct Varieties

When you think of your air ducts, you probably haven’t given much thought as to how they look and even if you have the right kind in your home. After all, the most common type is sheet metal. However, there are 4 kinds of air ducts that serve different purposes and are appropriate for different homes. They have different thermal and acoustic properties and there’s a good chance that once you know about the different kinds, you’ll want Aura to come install a better kind. So let’s dig into the varieties now!

Sheet metal air ducts are the most common type, made out of galvanized steel or aluminum. They come in different shapes, everything from round, rectangular, or even a spiral oval. They are the least likely to have mold or other biological contaminants, as well as the most durable. They are also the noisiest, so if you hear a loud noise any time your air conditioning kicks in, chances are you have a loose or improperly-secured air duct somewhere. However, some noise is to be expected.

Fiberglass-lined air ducts are sheet metal air ducts that have an internal or external fiberglass liner. These are great for insulating from heat loss and avoiding condensation. They are also great for reducing the sounds from your ducts.

Fiberboard air ducts are constructed with boards made of compressed resin-bonded glass fibers, and have an air and water vapor barrier in the form of a foil face on the outside. The inside of the duct is sealed so the glass fibers don’t circulate in the air stream of your home. These also carry some acoustic benefits so they are very quiet. These are also the least expensive air duct systems to install.

Flexible air ducts are built with a spring steel wire helix, surrounded by 2-ply plastic. They have acoustic benefits as well as being very lost cost to install.

No matter what your ducts are, or should be, you can count on Aura to remedy the situation and provide you with the right ductwork for your home. Call Aura today!

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