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Air Duct Cleaning Requirements Before You Buy A House

March 26, 2021
Air Duct Cleaning Requirements Before You Buy A House

Before you buy a home, make sure the sellers hire a professional air duct cleaning company. Dust, pet fur and dander, germs or bacteria, and even mold can be inside the air ducts. You deserve to breathe fresh, clean air in your new home. Make sure the homeowners have had routine air duct cleaning services, or if not you should ensure the house ventilation is fully cleaned before you purchase the property. Homebuyers and sellers should definitely discuss the condition of the air ducts, especially now with COVID-19. Who is responsible for cleaning the air ducts? Unless it's in the contract or contingencies, it'll be up to you to have them cleaned once you move in! It's always a great idea to encourage the homesellers to pay for air duct cleaning before they sell you the property.

Homes with pets will build up a large amount of pet dander (small particles of skin very similar to human dandruff), and fur. This can circulate through the ducts or get stuck in vents and other areas. This is especially true when there are air vents in the floors or lower parts of walls. You need to make sure the air ducts have been fully brushed and vacuumed before buying the home. We can visit the property for an estimate or set price air duct cleaning service! Whether it's you after you close on the house, or the sellers before you do, we are the 100% best choice to make sure you have clean air ducts and vents.

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning has been helping homeowners both new and older for many years. We are proud to provide the most professional air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and other ventilation services. You can rely on us for Dallas HVAC and ductwork cleaning, or even repairs and replacements. 

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